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Throughout my life, I’ve approached every challenge with enthusiasm, creativity, and a ceaseless desire to achieve success. This passion and drive has paved the way to countless opportunities, unique experiences, and exceptional relationships both personally and professionally. 

My background in business development, technology and operations, and strategy spans many industries including finance, healthcare, banking, solar energy, consumer retail, and AI/ML data services. I provide fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and proven frameworks from across many practices to help my clients grow their businesses.


Case Studies

Here are some of the projects I have developed and brought to completion for my previous clients and employers. Take a look and see how I have helped Fortune 100 and Startup Companies achieve success.

Tell Us More About Yourself!

We have developed a questionnaire that will help us get a better understanding of what current business operations look like and what their current needs are. With the trends that we collect, our goal is to constantly ensure better outcomes for our clients. Thank you in advance!

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